Trumbo Electric is committed to taking every precaution to eliminate accidents. Safety will always take precedence over expediency, and compliance with all safety regulations is mandatory. Key components of our program are:

  • All new hires receive safety orientation/training.
  • New employees are drug tested prior to starting work, and 20% of existing employees are randomly tested annually.
  • Employees receive annual safety training and attend weekly safety talks.
  • Site-specific hazard training is performed when working in dangerous environments.
  • Only trained, approved operators can use equipment.
  • All project managers have received OSHA 10-hour certification, and all superintendents have completed the Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses.
  • Personal protective equipment is issued to all employees and is required to be used whenever safety practices dictate.
  • Job sites are frequently inspected to assure conformity to safety regulations.
  • Various financial incentives are used to reward employees for safe work practices.
  • All accidents are investigated and corrective measures are immediately taken to prevent re-occurrence.

As a result of these safety policies, Trumbo Electric has never had a serious injury.